What are the steps for Wenzhou Wanrun glasses to tell you about children's glasses

Childrens low vision caused by ametropia needs to be corrected with glasses, so whether childrens glasses are qualified is particularly important. Wearing inappropriate glasses will not only correct vision,

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  Children's low vision caused by ametropia needs to be corrected with glasses, so whether children's glasses are qualified is particularly important. Wearing inappropriate glasses will not only correct vision, but also cause bad visual environment and affect children's visual development. When parents wear glasses for their children, they must follow normal methods and do not act rashly. Here is your "eight steps" step 1: mydriasis: the commonly used mydriasis medicine for children under 12 years old is 1% atropine eye ointment, which should be used three days before optometry, three times a day, and for children with esotropia, it should be used for seven consecutive days.

  For 12-year-old children without esotropia, topicamide 0.5% was used 1 hour before optometry for 4-5 consecutive times with an interval of 5 minutes. They closed their eyes to avoid the light and sat still. Step 2: Objective optometry is used for optometry. This method does not require children to judge which diopter lenses to wear in order to see clearly, but optometrists can obtain objective and accurate diopters through inspection.

  Step 3: according to the optometry results, the doctor inserts the film for the child, observes the vision correction, and preliminarily determines the most appropriate lens power according to the child's subjective feelings. But we can't prescribe glasses yet, because the child's pupil is enlarged in this process, and the regulating force of the eye itself is eliminated. Usually, we wear glasses when adjusting, so we need to go to the next step.

  Step 4: reexamination shall be carried out after the pupil dilation completely returns to normal and the adjustment force is restored. Children who use 1% atropine eye cream need about 20 days to recover, and children who use 0.5% tropicamide to treat mydriasis can be retested within 2-3 days. During the re examination, the doctor will determine the lens power according to the initial optometry results, in combination with the child's age, refractive nature, eye position and the child's subjective feelings. This is a very crucial step. Doctors should not only determine the exact degree of suitability for children, but also make children feel uncomfortable after wearing glasses.

  Step 5: measure the pupil pupil distance refers to the distance between two eyes. The accuracy of pupil distance is an important factor affecting the quality of glasses, and everyone must carefully measure it before wearing glasses. Step 6: Glasses Prescription Glasses Prescription is the basis of glasses. This is the result obtained by the optometrist after completing the above steps. In addition to wearing glasses, it can also provide the original medical record basis for the next review. Parents must take good care of it.

  Step 7: there are all kinds of glasses shops in the matching market, both good and bad. If you don't go to a very regular optical shop to match, there may be no quality assurance, and the previous steps will be wasted. Therefore, parents must be careful when choosing. Step 8: select glasses frame when selecting glasses frame, not only price and aesthetic factors should be considered, but more importantly, whether the size and material of glasses frame are suitable for children should be considered.

  After selection, it must be adjusted according to the shape of the child's face, so that the nose and ears of the glasses match the shape of the child, so that the child will not have glasses sliding in activities after wearing glasses. Through the above eight steps, a pair of qualified glasses can be matched. This seems to be a simple thing and contains a lot of knowledge. If there are children in the family who have refractive errors, treat their eyes well and realize the happiness of their lives. The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.
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