Wenzhou Wanrun glasses manufacturer tells you what are the misunderstandings of frame glasses

If you wear a pair of glasses that are not suitable for you, it will affect your eyesight and even become a "killer" of your eyes, leading to blindness. At present, there are three misunderstandings in buying and wearing glasses: one of the misu

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  If you wear a pair of glasses that are not suitable for you, it will affect your eyesight and even become a "killer" of your eyes, leading to blindness. At present, there are three misunderstandings in buying and wearing glasses: one of the misunderstandings is that computer optometry is the "prescription for glasses", and choosing medical optometry is the premise of accurate matching. Compared with traditional medical optometry, computer optometry is more convenient and fast - put your head on a special instrument and keep your eyes fixed on the screen image. As long as you can see clearly, it doesn't matter! Especially for teenagers, computer optometry is easy to "over correct", which may make "pseudomyopia" evolve into "real myopia". Wenzhou Wanrun glasses manufacturer takes you to understand.

  Analysis: the parameters of computer optometry are set according to people's average vision, so there is always a gap between computer optometry and everyone's real vision. Accurate optometry should consider not only the diopter of one eye, but also the balance of two eyes. Computer optometry is usually one eye at a time, so the coordination of both eyes cannot be considered. More importantly, for people, especially adolescents, the diopter should not only be based on the static diopter, but also be tested after mydriasis to obtain the true diopter.

  The greater harm of computer optometry lies in the "over correction" of glasses. Myopia correction should be low-level vision. However, many enterprises provide consumers with the "clearest" degree. In fact, this degree is "overcorrection". In order to adapt to this degree, the eyesight of the eyes who wear such glasses for a long time will rapidly decline. A large number of investigations, especially those who have worn glasses for many years, indicate that the possibility of visual fatigue is extremely low when wearing frame glasses after medical optometry.

  Reminder: 1. The following persons need medical optometry: 1. Teenagers under 15 years old. 2. Those who wear glasses for the first time; 3. Those who wear glasses and have visual fatigue. 4. Anisometropia of both eyes. 5. People with eye disease. 6. patients requiring refractive surgery. 7. Short term myopia increases rapidly, such as 100 degrees within half a year. Optometry cycle: young people under 18 years old must have medical optometry every year if they are short-sighted, because they are in the process of eye development; If you have hyperopia, you should see it every six months.

  The second mistake: thin lenses are good, expensive materials are good. The thinner the lens, the better. The more expensive the material, the better? The answer is No. In general, the thinner the lens, the better the transmittance. But this does not mean that the higher the transmittance, the better. In addition, if the myopia is less than 300 degrees, the lens itself is not thick, and it does not need to spend a lot of money to buy a pair of ultra-thin lenses. In terms of materials, expensive crystal lenses have been praised in the past, but in fact, crystals are not suitable for manufacturing lenses.

  The crystal is hard and wear-resistant, but the natural crystal contains impurities and is prone to stripes and bubbles. When light passes through, it will produce birefringence and superposition. In addition, its ultraviolet and infrared transmittance is high, and its eye protection effect is not as good as that of ordinary optical lenses. In the past, people worshipped crystal lens because of its low absorption rate of ultraviolet and infrared rays, relatively low lens temperature and cool feeling.

  Analysis: the lenses are divided into three categories from the material: glass sheet, resin sheet and space lens. Each category has its own characteristics. The glass plate has excellent optical properties, is not easy to scratch, and has a high refractive index. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens. Therefore, people with high myopia over 1000 degrees are recommended to wear glasses. However, the glass plate is fragile and the material is too heavy. Fewer and fewer people choose glass plates. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us for deletion.
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