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Now there are more and more people with myopia and glasses. When you wear nearsighted glasses, you should choose lenses from the following three aspects: first, choose lenses from materials, second, choose lenses from brands, and third, choose lenses acco

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  Now there are more and more myopia, and more people wear glasses. When wearing glasses, you should choose lenses from these three aspects: first, choose lenses from materials, second, choose lenses from brands, and third, choose lenses according to your own degree. For one thing, if you choose lenses comprehensively, you can't only consider the price of lenses. You must go to a formal professional matching center to buy them.

  Nowadays, the network is very developed. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. When they are free, they will play with their mobile phones and brush the small videos on Tiktok. They can't stop for a few hours. Their eyes will naturally become more and more myopic, so now myopic people are becoming more and more common. If you find yourself short-sighted, you will go to an optical shop to get glasses, so how do you choose lenses?

  Select the nearsighted lens according to the material. At present, there are three kinds of lens materials, namely glass, resin and PC. Glass is a very good kind of lens, because it is more scratch resistant, and its light transmission effect is very good. The main reason is that it is much thinner than other lenses of the same degree of other materials, and its optical effect is also better than other lenses, but its only bad point is that it is particularly easy to break, so it is about to be eliminated at present. Resin lens is relatively light, especially resistant to falling, and the price is relatively low. It is the choice of many people. PC lens, also known as space film and cosmic film, is super tough and especially light. It is generally worn on children's lenses. But its disadvantage is that it may deform at high temperature.

  Select lenses by brand. Lens brands include imported and domestic brands, and we all know that the imported price will be a little more expensive. However, imported lenses are indeed better than domestic lenses in terms of light transmittance and wear resistance. However, the cost performance of domestic lenses is relatively high, which still depends on the consumption level of buyers.

  Match in degrees. The lens is selected according to the refractive index of the glasses. For people below 400 degrees, the lens with 1.600 refractive index is selected. For people above 500 degrees and below 800 degrees, the lens with 1.67 refractive index is selected. For myopia over 800 degrees, lenses with a refractive index of 1.74 can be used.
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